Local Author Fails at Writing

NaNoWriMo (National Write a Novel in a Month) is a writing project that is sweeping the nation. This is the fourth day of the month, and if you divide the number of days (30) into the number of words (50,000), your daily quota is 1,666 words. Your counters should stand at near 4000 right now. [...] Read more »

ipALERT !!! Your Dog Doesn’t Want to Wear a Costume on Halloween: An Insidious Practice Alert !

You might think your dog looks cute with a Donald Trump wig on at Halloween, but “cute” is not a dog concept. If King is wagging his tail and smiling when you photograph him in his Aardvark, or Mongoose, costume, do not misunderstand his behavior. He is planning to visit dog karma on you, not [...] Read more »

Insidious Practice Alert !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone soon will ask if you want to be a participant in NaNoWriMo. Refuse! Otherwise, you will have to write a whole novel in November. (National Novel Writing Month.) During those thirty days, you will not be: Watching college basketball. Sleeping in your recliner. Relaxed. You will be: Regretting how far behind you are. Punishing [...] Read more »

Is it me or the world? Lulu talks at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Hello ladies and germs, Thursday, October 1, 2015, Lulu will be talking to us on KKFI 90.1, on the program, “Shots in the Night”. The show will begin at 7:30 pm, with several stories. You can listen live at KKFI,  Streaming audio. For those of you who missed Bob’s confession on September 3rd, click here [...] Read more »

Employment Advice From The JobBuster: Beeeeep!!

Dear Mr. Monk, I own an auto parts business in Tupelo. I have seven employees who get along real well. I usually hire someone by word of mouth. So, they’re likely friends of friends, or relatives of friends. Last week someone walked in with a resume. No one knew him, and I didn’t feel comfortable about [...] Read more »

My Boss Stole My Idea

Dear Mr. Monk, My boss has these employee meetings where he asks for suggestions. I’ve given him three or four good ideas, but he always says why they won’t work. This morning he changed the president’s parking space to “employee of the month”. It’s the one closest to the front door. Mr. Monk, that was [...] Read more »

JobBuster Monk’s Employment Advice: Don’t Piss Off Your Boss

Dear Mr. Monk, I’m angry. On my last annual review I scored low on “works efficiently”, and I’m their best programmer. Today I received an email from my boss setting up a meeting in his office for 10:15 a.m. next Monday. I’m rarely asked to meet him in his office, and the dumb ass copied [...] Read more »

The Silent Pink Slip

Dear Mr. Monk, I teach psychology courses at several universities as an adjunct. One of the schools has not contacted me about next semester, and I’m getting worried. I’m wondering if I asked too much of my students or if my tests were too easy. Maybe I didn’t do enough to communicate with my international [...] Read more »

My Boss The Jerk

Dear Mr. Monk, My boss’ name is Jay. I don’t care if he reads this. Jay thinks we do better work when he yells at us and belittles us. Don’t tell me to go over his head. He is the head, the owner of the company. Because he is the boss and a jerk, no [...] Read more »

JobBuster Monk’s Resume Advice: Don’t

Dear Mr. Monk, I’m sixty years old, and I’ve busted my sales quota every quarter for the last ten years. I sent my resume to forty or fifty organizations without a single response. I hired an employment specialist, and she said I shouldn’t reveal my age in my resume. I worked at one place for [...] Read more »

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