Breaking News! One Monkey Typing Publishing Company is Denied Financial Assistance!

Tax Increment Financing(TIF) Voted Down by City of Westwood Sources close to the city council of Westwood, Kansas, have shared information with Dane Zeller, editor-in-chief of One Monkey Typing that his application for tax increment financing has been denied. Wishing to remain anonymous, the source described the vote as “not even close”, and accompanied by [...] Read more »

Publisher Attempts Extradition of Leaker of Book Manuscript

Yesterday, a reporter from the Daily Times requested an interview with our company for their coverage of the leaking of a chapter from Dane Zeller’s unfinished novel, “Deadly Soup.” The following interview of our Chief of Security, Bronco Monk, has been edited for brevity. Times: Mr. Monk, could you give me the name of your [...] Read more »

Technician at Publishing House Leaks Author’s Unfinished Book

Hello, I must remain anonymous because I could lose my job doing this. The editor of Dane Zeller’s new book, “Deadly Soup,” is nitpicking the manuscript so much that the book will never get published.This is a disservice to the author, and to the private investigator, Donald Milkey. I have the password to the blog, [...] Read more »

Personal Finance Question “Should I Buy or Rent My Home?” Answered by OneBanana Two

If you’re deciding to buy or rent your home, consider this: both choices force you to depend on a partner. If you buy, you will have a banker as a new friend. If you rent, you will sign a deal with a landlord. Who’s your best new friend? Would it be the banker who will [...] Read more »

Health Care Crisis Solved: Noted Medical Writer Explains Solution

One Monkey Typing Publishing is honored to interview the architect of a new health program that fundamentally alters the way we provide health care in America. Dane Zeller, editor, conducts the interview of Dr. Hamlet Peel, author of “Fundamental Health Care: A Measured Step to a Cure.” DZ: We are honored to have you here, [...] Read more »

Relatively Unknown Economist Solves Fiscal Crisis

OneBanana Two, a Personal Finance and Economics expert at One Monkey Typing publishing, has shattered the financial world with her new discovery. She reveals her strategy in her interview with Dane Zeller, an editor at the publishing company. DZ: I am honored to have you reveal this important new idea here at the headquarters of [...] Read more »

Personal Finance Advice Now Available From One Monkey Typing

Our writer, OneBanana Two, has agreed to blog about personal finance tips based on her recent bout with bankruptcy. Ms. Two says, “Trust me, I’ve done everything wrong. My advice can’t be anything but helpful to our readers.” Trust me, if you don’t want to mow a lawn, don’t buy a house. No, the kid [...] Read more »

Desperate Publisher Gives Away Books

In a short press-release, One Monkey Typing, publisher of Dane Zeller’s Drive-By Romances (Good Men and Women Done Wrong), announced the giveaway of the short anthology during Wednesday and Thursday, 6/27/12-6/28/12. Editor O.M.Typing. cited this Amazon web page as the location of the free book. When asked how he can make money by giving it [...] Read more »

One Monkey Typing Announces Winner of Scammie Award

After examining thousands of entries that flooded our email inbox, the editorial board has selected Cleon Bruford from the state of Arkansas for the 2012 Scammie Award. Here is his entry: Hey, Bud! I got your email address from the biggest flea market dealer in southwest Arkansas. He says you’re generous fella. Well, I’m in [...] Read more »

Missouri Woman Claims Nobel Prize

I am talking today with Dawn Downey, author of “Stumbling Toward the Buddha,” a collection of personal experiences that is stumbling toward being at one with publishing. O.M.T. Who was the person who most inspired you to write? Dawn: My kindergarten teacher, who said “what do you mean you don’t want to take a nap? [...] Read more »

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