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Sunday morning, July 14th, 3:17 am. Six foot five inches tall, by the measure at the front door. Two hundred forty pounds, in my estimation. Blue jeans, a red Cardinals baseball cap, no facial hair, but needed a shave. Three hours of training to be assistant night manager at 7-11 paid off. No clue, though, [...] Read more »

Is it me or the world? Lulu talks at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Hello ladies and germs, Thursday, October 1, 2015, Lulu will be talking to us on KKFI 90.1, on the program, “Shots in the Night”. The show will begin at 7:30 pm, with several stories. You can listen live at KKFI,  Streaming audio. For those of you who missed Bob’s confession on September 3rd, click here [...] Read more »

Question Puts Man in Jeopardy

    “Do you love me, Bill?” she asked.     Oh shit. I’ve got to answer her right now. I pause, and she’ll conclude I don’t love her. That would be true, but why do I have to confirm that right now? We get along real well. Great sex. If I pause more than a [...] Read more »

“What Did I Do Wrong?” Carlos asked, horizontally.

Carlos dropped a tip in the jar for the bartender. He grabbed his beer and turned to go back to the table. But, there was Arlene. He shifted his eyes to the left and then to the right, and then he made eye contact. He could not escape. Arlene looked directly at him. “Nice hair,” [...] Read more »

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