Road Rage at Zero Miles Per Hour

Yeah, buddy, there’s a reason your ’86 Volvo is moving forward while your transmission is in park. You went over your allotted time for ordering at the Burger King drive-up window. How complicated can your order be? How confusing can five items on a menu be?

Open !!!

You got your hamburger; you got your fries; you got your soda. Yes, there are different sizes, and there is the coke or diet coke dilemma. Maybe next time you’ll buy an American pick-up truck like mine and nobody will push you around while you’re holding the sauce on the hamburger…at the drive-up window.

The advertisement says: “have it your way.” It doesn’t say “the way you think you might possibly want it.”

And by the way, I wouldn’t tarry at the pick-up window. Don’t be checking your order for accuracy because I’ll break your other bumper in the street in front of you.

An Insidious Practice Alert (ipAlert) from Dane Zeller

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