Tax Preparation Reform…….Naaah.

It’s too late for my insidious practice alert (ipAlert). Your CPA, protective of his time, scheduled your meeting on February 1st. You went. You’re done. No fuss, no worry, no tension caused by an impending tax filing deadline.

Forget this insidious practice of early tax filing.

It's due on the 18th????

The problems with early filing:
1. You give up the thrill of the risk of being in violation of federal law.
2. You give up the camaraderie of last minute filers who show up at the post office in the waning minutes before midnight.
3. You wouldn’t get to meet Pyrus McVee, a professional gambler, on break from the poker table.
4. You’ll lose the excitement of showing up ten minutes before midnight with your wild guesses and your rubber checks.

You can live your life in boring peace, a world populated by dreary well-prepared people, nodding off to Steven Colbert when you could be constantly checking your watch and your speedometer and your GPS locked into the main post office. You will never meet Sally Bare, taking off a few minutes of her job at Mickey’s Legs and Grill.

It’s too late now for 2016, but you can start postponing 2017 immediately.

You can do it!

#ipAlert taxdeadline

  • SaraRickover

    But some of us have no choice. We cannot be boring. Because we have INVESTMENTS. Those pesky things that don’t send paperwork until March 31.

    So do you recommend against investments?


    • Dane Zeller

      Investments? Not sure what they are. I do know the term “deductions”.
      I did not see you down at the KC main post office. In fact, I went early (9:30 pm) and missed all my friends. I trust you met your obligations under the law.

      Look for my idea for tax reform.


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