AT&T Technical Support: You break it, you pay for it.

My Directv receiver shut down last night. I got a diagnostic code, and the screen said to reboot the device. I did. Then it told me to call technical support. I did. She couldn’t reboot it. She said I would have to pay $20 to ship a new receiver, and then pay $8.95 per month to hook it up. I told her I thought it was their device. No. She said. It’s yours. I asked why I was paying a monthly amount for the receiver. She said you’re not paying for the receiver, you’re paying for the signal to the receiver.

So…I told her I’d have to solve it another way.

And that way would be….

  • CM Lance

    Unfortunate. Mine went out and I took it to the closest DirecTV store and they gave me a new one. No questions. No sass. But, you’d have to live in VT. We’ve only got a foot of snow on the ground, today, 11/30.

  • Dane Zeller

    Okay, Mike. I found a DirecTV store 30 minutes from me (4 inches of snow). I called the national ATT/DirecTV technical support team and asked for a replacement receiver. They wanted to upgrade me (8.99/month). I said no. Then they wanted to send a tech person out with another receiver (installation fee). I said no. Then they took two hours to tell me they’d send me a used one for nothing. ($0). I said, ok. They said 2 to 5 days. (3 days). It’s working now. (cost = frustration). Vt. good, Ks. bad.

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