Dane Zeller? Oh, yeah.

To all my readers. You may use the following script whenever you think it would help.

Your friend, the author.

Scene: (A Starbucks Coffee Shop, A very crowded Panera Bread restaurant, In the audience of a poetry reading, or sitting in a baseball stadium watching a baseball game drone by.)

Characters; You, played by “you”.

Characters: Him, played by “him”. (could be a complete stranger, better if he was someone of importance.)

Characters: Public address announcer, or narrator, or coffee bar clerk.

P.A.: Now batting for the Royals: …

(Stranger, or acquaintance, or a friend takes the seat next to you.)

Him: Hey, how you doing?

You: Better than ever.

(at this point the conversation continues about sports, cooking, politics, and finally about books)

Him: I just finished a great book I’d recommend to you.

You: Oh?

Him: Yeah, it’s Deadly Soup by Dane Zeller.

You: You don’t say.

Him: Great dialogue.

You: He is good with dialogue, I must say.

Him: You…you…you’ve read it?

You: (Gathering up all the nonchalance you can) Oh, he mentioned he got it published when we had coffee a month ago.

Him: You…you…know Dane Zeller?

You: (pause and add a little cream to your coffee.). Oh…yeah. (said in your most off-handed tone).


I’m honored to be able to provide you a brush with greatness moment. – Dane

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