Question Puts Man in Jeopardy

    “Do you love me, Bill?” she asked.
    Oh shit. I’ve got to answer her right now. I pause, and she’ll conclude I don’t love her. That would be true, but why do I have to confirm that right now? We get along real well. Great sex. If I pause more than a millisecond, I won’t get any tonight.
    If I say that I love her, it’ll be a big lie, and who knows what the next question will be. Why don’t we get married? Hell no, why spoil it? Damn, just like a woman. She can’t have anything in between. I’ve got to say something, right now.
   ”I think the world of you,” Bill said.
   ”What does that mean? Does that mean you love me?”
   Damn. She didn’t buy it. Say something right back. Don’t lie. Something better, something stronger. I know. I’ll smile and put my arm around her shoulders.
   Bill smiled and put his arm around her shoulders.
   I knew it. She wants the damn words. Maybe a question back. Yeah. Stall. Maybe she’ll let it go.
   ”What do you think, honey?”
   ”I think you’re not answering the question.”
   Damn, she’s good. She’s going right for the nuts. I knew this was coming. I should’ve been prepared.
   ”I’ve never been closer to another woman.”
   ”I could be tied with another woman?”
   Oh shit. Now she’s torturing me. She’s doing this on purpose. She knows I can’t say it, even if it were true. She’s clever. What have I done to deserve this?
   ”I’ve never felt this way before.”
   ”Felt what way?”
   This is so unfair. Women want a declaration of love, men want sex. That’s it. That’s the difference. I should just tell her the truth. She deserves it.
   ”I love your tits.”
   ”There now, that wasn’t so bad. What do you want to do for supper?”

“L…L…Love” by Dane Zeller, from the upcoming Volume II of “Drive-By Romances”

  • Jacqui

    You have a clever mind.

    • Dane Zeller

      Thank you for your kind comment, M(r)s. Murray.

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