Personal Finance Advice Now Available From One Monkey Typing

Our writer, OneBanana Two, has agreed to blog about personal finance tips based on her recent bout with bankruptcy. Ms. Two says, “Trust me, I’ve done everything wrong. My advice can’t be anything but helpful to our readers.”

OneBanana Two

Trust me, if you don’t want to mow a lawn, don’t buy a house. No, the kid down the street doesn’t mow neighbors’ grass any more. That’s the job of the guys with the big pickup and trailer. They will come regularly and often to trim your lawn. They will charge you like they believe money grows on trees at your home. Oh, by the way, if you don’t want to rake leaves, don’t buy a house.

  • Mike Lance

    I appreciate the depth of thought that has gone into #2′s comments. I can tell that it has been formulated based on extensive experience. At my age (64) there is a lot to be said about a thoughtful #2.

    • Ms. Two

      I think if you follow Ms. 2′s advice, you will be flush with success.

  • Bob

    Buying a house is a major undertaking that should be avoided unless one is truly prepared to care for the lawn, the snow, the drainage problems, etc. I wasn’t.

    • Ms. Two

      And, as you know, Bob, the “etc.” is ongoing and surprising.

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