Publisher Attempts Extradition of Leaker of Book Manuscript

Yesterday, a reporter from the Daily Times requested an interview with our company for their coverage of the leaking of a chapter from Dane Zeller’s unfinished novel, “Deadly Soup.” The following interview of our Chief of Security, Bronco Monk, has been edited for brevity.

Head of Security, Bronco Monk

Times: Mr. Monk, could you give me the name of your employee who leaked a chapter of “Deadly Soup”?

Bronco: Well, we’ve got an ongoing investigation…”

Times: Was it Elizabeth Leonard?

Bronco: She is one of the suspects.

Times: Who are the others?

Bronco: I’m not at liberty to say.

Times: Are there more than two other suspects?

Bronco: No.

Times: More than one?

Bronco: No.

Times: What is Leonard’s job at One Monkey Typing?

Bronco: She’s involved with public relations.

Times: What was her motive for leaking the chapter?

Bronco: As she said in her note, she thinks the editorial side of the company is being too restrictive, and Zeller’s novel is in danger of not being published in a timely manner.

Times: What do you think about that?

Bronco: I’m just in security here, I don’t get into the production side.

Times: But you do have something to do with marketing, don’t you?

Bronco: What? Oh no.

Times: I believe we’ve reviewed several of your company’s books. I think you were the contact person. Weren’t you vice president of marketing at one time?

Bronco: Me?

Times: In fact, could this leak be a cleverly disguised promotional plan to generate sales of “Deadly Soup?”

Bronco: Absolutely not. Even though I’ve read a draft and it’s about the best…

Times: …thanks for your time and information.

Bronco: But we haven’t even discussed our attempt to extradite Leonard from…

Times:…good-bye, Mr. Bronco.

Bronco: Here, let me get you a copy of the full manuscript…

  • Dawn

    Dear Mr. Monk, Although I have no connections or influence in the publishing industry, I’d love a copy of the full manuscript. I’d even pay for it, based solely on your integrity and good vibrations.

    • O.M. Typing

      Oh, Miss Dawn, I certainly would enjoy your support in this matter. But…the key words of your comment, “…I have no connections or influence in the publishing industry…” caught my eye. I’m afraid I just gave away my only copy. Thank you anyway, from the bottom of my heart.

      • Dawn

        Ah, yes, interesting coincidence. Well, at least it’s the bottom of your heart. I’m usually at the bottom of somebody’s slush pile.