Failure to Communicate: email

Dear Mr. Monk,

We got a new director this week, and he wants us to embed our photo in the signature of our emails. He says he wants to know what we look like when he communicates with us. This is creepy to me. I don’t mind him seeing what I look like, but my email goes out to our customers and vendors. So, I haven’t done it. Will I be in trouble?

Heather in Southhampton

Dear Heather,

JobBuster Monk

No, you will not be in trouble. This is so invasive that a call to human resources will send their S.W.A.T. team to his office in the fastest Humvee in the motor pool.  An employee has a right to privacy, and a right to be protected from disgruntled customers.

Don’t worry, your job will be secure if the director compounds the problem by trying to terminate your employment. Think of your termination hearing as a positive. Take along his last email to you. That way, you can identify him at the table by his photograph. Go up to him, shake his hand; it may be the last chance you get to meet him.

JobBuster Monk

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