My Boss The Jerk

Dear Mr. Monk,

My boss’ name is Jay. I don’t care if he reads this. Jay thinks we do better work when he yells at us and belittles us. Don’t tell me to go over his head. He is the head, the owner of the company. Because he is the boss and a jerk, no one will challenge him, and no one will bring up any new ideas to him. You should be in a meeting with him. He talks and we cower.

Should I look for another job, or just take it?

Steve in Salina

Dear Steve,

Neither.  There is a third option to taking or leaving asshole management.  You can set your standards higher for your current employer.

JobBuster Monk

The next time the J yells at you, challenge him. Make sure you are loud enough that your fellow employees will hear.  Use the “J” word.

When you finish, you will fear losing your job, but that will be nothing new. Fear is the jerk’s method of motivation. The secret: he has an odd and incorrect notion of what motivates his employees; it is likely that he is motivated in the same way.

I predict the bully will respect you and your fellow employees.

Jobbuster Monk

My dear readers: Send me your employment questions. I’ve had over thirty jobs. I’m an expert.

  • Eri

    Dear Jobbuster Monk,
    I received the following email from you:

    “Dear Mr. Monk,

    My boss has these employee meetings where he asks for suggestions. I’ve given him three or four good ideas, but he always says why they won’t work. This morning he changed the president’s parking space

    The word ‘answer’ was a link that brought me to the letter I’d read before–the one from Steve in Salina.

    I’d really like to find out what you have to say to the person whose boss stole her/his idea, but I don’t know where to find it on your estimable webpage.
    Many thanks,

    • Dane Zeller


      JobBuster Monk, as experienced he is at employment matters, sucks at technical things. He thanks you for catching this “little glitch”. You can simply go to and you will see what the Monk has to say about stolen ideas.

      Also, Mr. Monk is concerned with your use of the word “estimable”. He says his readership is likely to be unfamiliar with the word, whatever it means.

      JB thanks you for pointing out his “error”.

      Dane Zeller,

      assistant to the author

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