JobBuster Monk’s Employment Advice: Don’t Piss Off Your Boss

Dear Mr. Monk,

I’m angry. On my last annual review I scored low on “works efficiently”, and I’m their best programmer. Today I received an email from my boss setting up a meeting in his office for 10:15 a.m. next Monday. I’m rarely asked to meet him in his office, and the dumb ass copied to HR. I’m going to be fired. I can’t wait for Monday. My wife says to slow down. I want to confront him now. Who’s right?

Ben in the Binary Department

Dear Ben,

I’m not a marriage counselor. They don’t let you be one if you’ve been married five times. However, being fired on seven occasions makes me an expert in this employment matter.

JobBuster Monk

Take the whole weekend, or not. Think about all the valuable things you got from your soon-to-be ex-employer. You got good annual reviews until the last one. They probably helped you get training. You enjoyed your salary and benefits. Certainly your experience was worth the effort.

Then, when you can get a smile on your face, go talk to him. Ask him if you’re being fired. Don’t break the smile. Whatever his response, thank him for the valuable experience you’ve had under his supervision.

You’ll recognize this as following the don’t-burn-your-bridges theory. There is great satisfaction in lighting the match. I know. I’ve done it myself.

Your task will be to stay out of the righteous-outrage world. Focus on your gains from your last job. You’ll be a better job candidate.

You’ll be a better person to live with, too, like my third wife said.

Jobbuster Monk

Dear Readers: If you want advice on getting, ending, or doing a job, send your question to danezeller@ yahoo dot com. I’ve got plenty of time to respond.

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