My Boss Stole My Idea

Dear Mr. Monk,

My boss has these employee meetings where he asks for suggestions. I’ve given him three or four good ideas, but he always says why they won’t work. This morning he changed the president’s parking space to “employee of the month”. It’s the one closest to the front door. Mr. Monk, that was my idea about six months ago. He stole my idea. How do I get appreciated around here?

Mary in Marysville

Dear Mary,

The problem with great ideas is that they always look like bad ideas. (You don’t want the president having to walk two blocks to his office. The president’s time is worth far more than an employee’s time.)

Also, your idea was not your boss’ idea, originally. Time went by with so much to

JobBuster's Typewriter

remember. So many ideas. He wanted to reward his employees. Let’s see…hey, I’ve got it. Honor an employee each month! Nothing like the power of one’s own idea.

He stole it from you? You shouldn’t care.

You actually got something for your team. His idea, your idea…what does it matter? Keep flooding him with ideas. Make him look like the genius you are.

Jobbuster Monk

What’s your beef with your employer? E-mail me at danezeller@ yahoo dot com

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