Interview With Author Hamlet Monk

O.M.T: Welcome to our on-line interview, Mr. Monk.
H.M.: Glad to be here, sir.
O.M.T: Tell our readers a little about your background.
H.M.: I used to be a part of a very large writer’s project, called “Searching for Billy Shakespeare.”
O.M.T: I’m familiar with the work.
H.M.: I worked for them for a long time. A very long time. I felt I was just a cog in the wheel, so I branched out on my own.
O.M.T: And that resulted in your very first book, “Hobo Soup.”
H.M.: Yes. It was much different work than what I had done at the Billy S. project.

Hamlet Monk

O.M.T: Tell us about “Hobo Soup.”
H.M.: It’s a lifestyle book, you know, how to get through the day in ten easy lessons.
O.M.T: And it’s targeted to…
H.M.: Homeless people.
O.M.T: Homeless people?
H.M.: Yes. They need advice, just like the rest of us.
O.M.T.: That’s…uh…a…very unique niche market.
H.M.: I know what you’re thinking. You’re wondering if homeless people have e-readers, and access to
O.M.T.: Well, no, my wondering was more on a fundamental level. Do they have money to buy your book?
H.M. Oh, heck, yes. Don’t you see motorists handing them money on the street corners? They’ve got lots of cash.
O.M.T.: And how specifically would they benefit from your book?
H.M.: The first chapter, for instance, gives them the recipes, including the one for hobo soup.
O.M.T.: And that would be….
H.M.: Five pounds of coffee grounds, used. Four quarts of water. Twenty-three packages of Splenda, or similar ingredient from McDonalds. Fifteen individually wrapped packages of soda crackers from Denny’s. One towel. Bring water to a boil, add ingredients, simmer for three hours. Strain through towel into individual cups. Makes sixteen cups.
O.M.T.: What? That can’t be very clean. Where do they get the grounds? Who provides the towel?
H.M.: The towel could be a problem.
O.M.T.: I’ll bet. We’ve been talking with Hamlet Monk, author of “Hobo Soup,” lessons for…
H.M.: Wait a minute, I haven’t explained yet where they can pick up the book.
O.M.T: …for daily living.
H.M.: They can google…
O.M.T: Next up, a review of the self-publishing book, “The Last of the Literary Agents, Gatekeepers without Fences.” Thanks for reading.

  • CrazieTown

    Thanks for the info. I made Hobo Soup last night, but forgot about the towel. That will help, I’m sure.

    • onemonkey

      It’s a little grainy without the filter.

  • Dawn

    …literary agents, gatekeepers without fences… Sure hope that’s not copyrighted. I’m about to steal, err, borrow it. Anyway, I don’t trust that HM guy. His picture looks a lot like OMT. Something fishy’s going on.

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