Insidious Practice Alert !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone soon will ask if you want to be a participant in NaNoWriMo. Refuse! Otherwise, you will have to write a whole novel in November. (National Novel Writing Month.)

During those thirty days, you will not be:

  1. Watching college basketball.
  2. Sleeping in your recliner.
  3. Relaxed.

Your Target For NaNoWriMo Words for Today

You will be:

  1. Regretting how far behind you are.
  2. Punishing yourself for not being on a writing schedule.
  3. A failed writer.

Think about it! Start your preparation for November by #1 taking up the hobby of… oh, say… cooking? Politics? Drawing by number?

  • Nangagutza

    Sounds like my college days a week before the end of the term…

    • Dane Zeller

      Mr. Gutza,
      You remind me that I forgot to post an Insidious Practice Alert at the beginning of this semester when students start studying way before the final. Also, I’m surprised you started that early.