Local Author Fails at Writing

Words Typed So Far

NaNoWriMo (National Write a Novel in a Month) is a writing project that is sweeping the nation. This is the fourth day of the month, and if you divide the number of days (30) into the number of words (50,000), your daily quota is 1,666 words. Your counters should stand at near 4000 right now. Of course, if you are shy of 4000, you can compensate in the days ahead.

My counter stands now at…let’s see…add the subtrahend…multiply by the divisor…square the root…yeah, I’m at zero, right now.

Not to worry. There was this little thing with daylight savings time that threw my clocks off. The world series intruded into my writing time, and my wife wanted me to change the oil in her car, and dust off the dash a little.

Things are different now, in the fourth day. I do have to get my exercise in, but I plan to write 4,000 words this afternoon, if my depression lets up.

No problem, I’ve experienced this before, and shit, I’m a writer for god’s sakes! I ought to be able to write a lousy 4000 words, especially when quality is not required!! Geez, this is it! If I can’t write 4000 words, I should become a greeter at Walmart. Damn. And my coffee…why isn’t it warm? And, what did my wife mean by “love you”. Was she mocking me? And what’s with my dog peeing on my shoe?

This is not good…


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