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I am a writer attempting to create fame and fortune for myself and my friends. The “one monkey typing”comes from the old saw about how an infinite number of monkeys could create the entire works of Shakespeare by typing random letters for an  infinite amount of time. My literature/philosophical friend, Greg, has pointed out that it would be highly unlikely for this to be done, and impossible to do with a crew of one.

              Dane Zeller

I disagree. I’ll just put in more hours. Besides, I’m not fond of Shakespeare. I’m just shooting for a modest Pulitzer Prize in short fiction.

How did my early childhood affect my writing career?

We lived in a Schulte, 8 x 30 trailer house. That’s about 240 square feet. I didn’t have a typewriter because we had no table that didn’t fold up into a couch. I had no books to read because our three shelves were filled with boxes of macaroni and cheese.

As a result, my interests were outdoors, on the ball field, 10 miles from the nearest library.

How did my teen years affect my writing career?

I studied Hell in high school. My research did not require a textbook. My study group had no athletes, scholars, student council persons, nor anyone who had more than one friend beyond our group. None of us was on track for a scholarship or political office.

Hell 101 class roster:

  1. Bill Strobe whose major goal was to buy a Norton motorcycle.
  2. Frank Billingham who drew reams and reams of doodles with sharpies and chalk. That may have been the first porn I saw.
  3. Arthur Boston was a wood carver. He would start out with a foot square piece of pine, whittle it down to a ’55 chevy, and then continue whittling it down to a Chevy 283 cubic engine with three 2-barrel carburetors, then down to an cockroach, and then he’d promote his accomplishment by putting a notice in the school newspaper inviting everyone to the school theater where he tossed the cockroach onto the floor and jumped on it, breaking the his artwork into five tiny parts of carved wood.
  4. Dane Zeller didn’t smoke, so I spent most of the time down at the Velvet Crème playing pinball. I taught all of my Hell study group how to play all day on a quarter. Eventually, everyone moved to the Velvet Creme.

Hell? Maybe so. But today, in my efforts to be a good one monkey typing, I seek out these kinds of people.

How did my Military Career affect my writing?

It got me out of town.

It helped me see the world differently.

It caused me to show my different world to you.

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