Woman Stands Her Ground

Today, I’m interviewing Helen Stosberg, the co-star of Dane Zeller’s “Smart Shield.” Helen is a primary character in the novel, along with private eye Don Milkey. OM: Thank you for being here, Ms. Stosberg. HS: It’s a pleasure to talk to you. OM: How old are you? HS: What? OM: How old are you? HS: [...] Read more »

Publishing Company Conducts Rare Interview

Editor of One Monkey Typing talks with elusive private eye: OMT: I am talking today with Don Milkey, the protagonist of the book “Smart Shield.” Mr. Milkey, why didn’t your author come up with a more masculine name, like Don Firestone, or Dirk Tower? DM: What’s wrong with Milkey? My parents were Milkeys, and they [...] Read more »

Interview With Author Hamlet Monk

O.M.T: Welcome to our on-line interview, Mr. Monk. H.M.: Glad to be here, sir. O.M.T: Tell our readers a little about your background. H.M.: I used to be a part of a very large writer’s project, called “Searching for Billy Shakespeare.” O.M.T: I’m familiar with the work. H.M.: I worked for them for a long [...] Read more »

Missing Writer Shows Up on Amazon

Dane Zeller, previously reported missing from a writing project at an important daily newspaper, has surfaced in the Books section of Amazon.com. His Kindle book, “Drive-By Romances,” has reached #39 in the ranking of romantic anthologies at the industry giant. The book was published by One Monkey Typing, a multi-faceted publisher of fiction. The editor [...] Read more »

Writer Missing: Major New York Daily Reports Disappearance

A missing persons report has been filed by a prominent city daily newspaper. The report was filed when Dane Zeller, a long-time writer at the paper, failed to clock in to his job Monday morning. “He was so reliable, we knew something was afoul when he was ten minutes late,” said Cleve Person, editor of [...] Read more »

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